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An Inconvenient Truth of the world has recognized [Nagasaki Amakusa]

Vol. Buddhist pacifism and the Japanese Constitution / ... Month 0 days, [Nagasaki Amakusa region of the latent Christian-related heritage] is registered in the country was selected as a World Heritage Site which is a matter first. Although the relationship area is boiled in joy, in fact, it does not include the island to live is "the last of the hidden Christians". The name of the island [Ikitsukishima (Ikitsukishima)]. Whether there has continued to defend the 00 years of its own faith is why smother? Middle East of the month at the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO that are open in Bahrain 0 days, was officially registered in the world cultural heritage [Nagasaki Amakusa local latency Christian-related heritage of]. Japanese culture has been extensively reported as welcome news that was observed in the world, the first place the word [latent Christian], not a little Miminare. Words that are generally known is not in a latent Christian, would be [hidden Christian]. The learning in the classroom of high school history, but appearance, such as the following.

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