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Mysterious and translation - Arabic Hen of the Middle East language -

Vol. Buddhist pacifism and the Japanese Constitution / ... As the globalization of corporate advances, there are also growing needs of multilingual translation. Target language of multilingual translation in Chinese, Korean, Thai, from major languages ​​such as Spanish, Macedonian, Czech, and wide-ranging up to minor languages, such as Vietnamese. Spanish in the past in this blog, Chinese, Burmese, but we have to introduce the translation of Vietnamese, etc., in this article, for Arabic is becoming growing demand, and watch out for during translation we will introduce the point should be. Contents [Hide] . Said Arabic? . Countries and regions where Arabic is spoken . Colloquial Arabic and written language Arabic . Of Arabic right-to-left . Surprisingly familiar Arabic . Beautiful Arabic calligraphy .in conclusion Arabic speaks? I heard that [Arabic], do you think of what everyone. Desert sunsets and of such as the world of the Arabian Nights, it might be imagined the mosque shine in the evening sun. Or simply you might think of characters such as earthworms to write from right to left.

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