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Do you know? Christmas there was a ban on the country!

Vol. Buddhist pacifism and the Japanese Constitution / ... Soon Christmas. But, Japan is I think you celebrate Christmas though not a Christian country. It is majority country to celebrate Christmas even in foreign countries. So, what Is it the country that does not celebrate Christmas? The answer is, there are. It was that country in the Middle East. The first place I Christmas ...? As you know, Christmas is a Christian event. Has been known as Christ's birthday, but officially is "birth the day", it is another, as is the birthday. Also, the concept depends on the sect and the country, may not appear Santa Clause, there is also a place or to celebrate the date officially. Either way, Christmas is that widespread in the world as a Christian event. In the country of Christmas not a Christian? If Christmas is the Christian event, but it is likely to be the country if Christmas without the country is not a Christian? However, to celebrate Christmas in most of the country. Because, I live Christians in Buddhist countries and Muslim countries, I think I have a Christmas celebration by some people.

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